Extended Sizing & Inclusivity

Extended Sizing & Inclusivity

Fashion for Women Over Size 8

The demand for fashionable clothing for women over size 8 isn't new. What IS new is that designers are finally listening. Inclusive sizing, which caters to diverse body shapes and sizes, is gaining importance. Fortunately, designer brands are recognizing this need and offering extended sizes to cater to this market. Unfortunately, fit is not always at the forefront of design.

As a brand founded by and run by plus size women, Baacal understands that our curvy shape is not simply a "increased" size 4. So why do other fashion labels expect to design product as if it is? We understand fit. We understand our bodies. We also understand that body positivity starts with ourselves, as well as the ability to see ourselves, looking the way we want, wearing the clothing we want reinforces our body positivity. 

Rising Demand for Fashionable Clothing

The curvy or plus-size apparel market is expanding. The average woman wears a size 16 to 18 based on a 2016 study.  While average- the clothing industry still calls a size 16-18 "plus size". We reject that size construct and instead built our sizes around this average American woman. Our size 3 - the middle of our size range- fits a size 18-20. Our collection is fit for sizes 10-28.

We believe women of all sizes deserve access to well made, luxury clothing. We offer a wide stylish selection and focus on quality- while our prices are not the lowest, the value is great. Our customers have called our designs "future vintage" - because they can fashionably hang in your closet rotation for decades to come. Finding well-made and high-quality plus size clothing is essential for ensuring that your wardrobe not only looks good but also lasts long. High-end fashion can be inclusive and accessible to all. 

Celebrating Body Positivity in Fashion

Dressing a curvy body confidently is crucial for fostering body positivity. Instead of focusing on sizes, pay attention to how clothes fit - what you feel flatters your body. By celebrating and embracing all body types, fashion has the power to empower individuals and inspire confidence. Mid Size, Extended Size, or Plus Size- the terms are all secondary. Wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable, rather than conforming to societal expectations. Express your personal style with confidence. Baacal makes a positive impact in the fashion industry by prioritizing fit and quality, body inclusivity, and by providing stylish, fashionable options for women of all sizes.