Curvy or Plus Size Quiet Luxury: A Perfect Match with BAACAL

Curvy or Plus Size Quiet Luxury: A Perfect Match with BAACAL

Quiet Luxury is a buzzword we can't escape this year.
Whether its a study of the term by the LA Times or a shopping guide on Byrdie - its everywhere. The look of Quiet Luxury oozes sophistication, subtle taste that hinges on high quality fabrics, cuts and stylish apparel designs - minus the "flash". Where are the plus size brands that are nailing this lifestyle? Before Quiet Luxury was a trending term, it was the ethos of BAACAL's design.  BAACAL was built for quiet luxury before that was even a "thing".

Luxury fashion has often been associated with sizes that cater to only one specific body type. The world is changing (not fast enough)- more and more brands are offering extended sizing for plus-size women. Yet we see this very little in luxury- we are here to change that. Designer Cynthia Vincent founded BAACAL as a label dedicated to providing women of all sizes with quality and sophistication.
BAACAL's designs are known for their subtle elegance, timeless cuts, modern edge, and precise fit for our curves. BAACAL embodies the true meaning of quiet luxury.

Unlike other plus-size brands, BAACAL does not compromise on quality, design, or style. Our brand's founding statement is that curvy women deserve the same level of fashion excellence as straight-size women.

One of the reasons why BAACAL stands out is its dedication to fit. The brand uses careful attention to detail and tailors each garment to fit perfectly on the wearer. The clothes are beautiful, comfortable, flattering (ie. well-fitting all shapes), and versatile, making them perfect for all occasions. BAACAL's "plus-size" range includes statement pieces such as chic silk blouses, tailored dresses (workwear and event wear), and luxurious coats, each with its own special sophistication.

Another reason why BAACAL has become the go-to brand for plus-size fashion is because of its commitment to sustainability. The brand works with sustainable textiles that are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and of high quality. This approach not only reduces the environmental impact of fashion but also ensures the longevity of each garment.

BAACAL believes that fashion should be for everyone; our brand is breaking down the barriers in luxury fashion. Women of all sizes can now feel empowered and beautiful wearing BAACAL. With each piece, BAACAL is an invitation to experience the joy of self-expression and confidence in style.

BAACAL is a brand that is redefining the experience of luxury shopping as a curvy woman, a mid-size woman, or a plus-size woman in fashion. The brand's dedication to quality, fit, sustainability, and timeless design make it a great choice for any modern woman. This is a brand that is leading the way in quiet luxury for curvy & plus-size women – and opening up new avenues of opportunity for every woman who loves fashion.