Style Uncompromised

BAACAL is the first designer-led clothing brand for women who wear size 10-28 “The True Majority”. We make eye-catching pieces and stunning wardrobe basics that are anything but basic.

The secret to high-end clothing is cut. Each of our styles is designed by our founder, Cynthia Vincent who has been known for her exceptional fit and ability to fit woman of all sizes. Now with BAACAL, that attention to a well fit garment is focused on sizes 10-28

"I wanted to make a brand from my point of view; where I "fit" into fashion. I always found it challenging to find pieces that represented me and women like me. It was incredibly difficult to find high quality investment pieces beyond a size 12. Knowing that the average American women is a size 16, I wanted to create a brand for women like me, the true majority."

Cynthia Vincent - Founder BAACAL

At BAACAL we also believe you shouldn't have to compromise on style in the name of sustainability. At our headquarters in Los Angeles, we thoughtfully create every garment to last beyond the fashion seasons and look to be your favorite in your wardrobe for years to come We create the hero pieces of your wardrobe, the ones you'll reach for every time you want to make a statement. These clothes are lighthearted and fun, but never outrageous.

Our dedication to sustainability doesn't stop there. 80% of our limited run collections are made in Los Angeles. We use upcycled, vintage, and existing materials – everything from fabric to buttons and trim.

BAACAL is the perfect combination of expert fit, high-end style, and sustainability. Our clothes are designed by women and for women.

We love your style, so stop by the Get In Touch page to tell us about the pieces you've been dreaming of but can't find in your size – you might see it in a future collection.

Learn more about Cynthia's background here.