Embrace Summer Elegance: The Resurgence of Luxury Kaftans

Embrace Summer Elegance: The Resurgence of Luxury Kaftans

As the summer sun begins its ascent, fashion lovelies eagerly anticipate the arrival of a timeless garment that effortlessly captures the essence of leisure and luxury: the kaftan. Originating from ancient Mesopotamia, the kaftan has traversed centuries and cultures, evolving into a symbol of opulence and relaxation. This season, the fashion world is witnessing a revival of this quintessential summer staple, with a modern twist that pays homage to its vintage roots. Maybe its the popularity of the Baacal favorite show "Palm Royale" on Apple TV? Just check out Mindy Cohn in a few Baacal favorite Kaftans from her press tour here and here and here and here !

The Allure of Luxury Kaftans

Kaftans exude an unparalleled allure, seamlessly blending comfort with sophistication. Whether we craft them from sumptuous silk fabrics or hand block-printed cotton voile, these flowing garments offer a sense of freedom and ease, making them the perfect choice for warm summer days and balmy evenings. We love the way body-skimming flowy designs like the Denni Weekend Dress, Trapunto Kaftan and embroidered Marrakesh Jallaba Kaftan accent our curves in chic elegance. As plus sized women, the Baacal team lives in these dresses and kaftans all summer long. Whether lounging poolside, strolling along the shoreline, or attending a glamorous soirée, the versatility of the kaftan knows no bounds.

The Trapunto Kaftan- Maxi length is our newest Kaftan style.  This is our most lux in styling and shape to date.  With a full drape of fabric that gathers into the wide beautiful cuffs. The cuffs and front yolk feature the multi-rows of trapunto stitch

Vintage Inspiration in Vintage Silk Fabrics - Sustainably Sourced

Drawing inspiration from decades past, our new One of a Kind collection of Kaftans infuse the luxury kaftan with nostalgic vintage silk fabrications. We sustainably source these beautiful silk fabrics, which evoke a charm reminiscent of the golden age of travel and leisure. From the vibrant hues of the 1960s to the intricate warm tones of the 1970s, each era brings its own unique flair to the modern interpretation of this classic garment. Vintage prints create for you a sense of timeless elegance, transporting wearers to a bygone era of glamour and romance.

Silks include georgette, jacquard, and silk crepe de chine. Pictured is the Joshua Tree design; we love them all. Choose from the Palm Springs Kaftan, French Riviera Kaftan, Amalfi Coast Kaftan, Morocco Kaftan, Palo Lem Beach Kaftan and Sedona Kaftan. All of these are One of a Kind , sustainable garments- a truly exclusive statement kaftan to covet. 

model wearing kaftan

At the heart of the luxury kaftan revival lies the exquisite allure of silk. Renowned for its lustrous sheen and unparalleled softness, silk fabric elevates the kaftan to new heights of luxury. Its lightweight and breathable properties ensure optimal comfort in the sweltering summer heat, while its fluid drape lends an air of sophistication to every movement. Whether adorned with bold botanical prints, intricate geometric patterns, or delicate floral motifs, silk kaftans epitomize elegance and refinement.

For a more casual everyday kaftan moment, we suggest the Denni Weekend Dress. The fabric is easy to wear and easy to care for- a cotton voile which just gets softer with every wash. With curve-accenting seams, deep V, mother of pearl button accents and pockets (of course), we find ourselves wearing this dress on repeat. 

Cynthia Vincent's Styling Tips

Versatility is key when it comes to styling luxe kaftans for the summer season. For a laid-back daytime look, pair a vibrant printed kaftan like the Denni or a neutral like the Embroidered Marrakesh Jallaba, or something simple like the Black Linen Jallaba with sandals or trendy sneakers and oversized sunglasses for effortless chic. To transition seamlessly from day to night, accessorize with sparkling jewelry, strappy heels, and a sleek clutch for instant glamour. For a touch of European charm, opt for a vintage-inspired kaftan adorned with chunky chain jewelry and complete the look with a wide-brimmed hat and espadrille wedges.

As temperatures rise and summer beckons, Baacal kaftans offer a daily escape to another time and place; a world of timeless elegance and refined leisure. With vintage-inspired designs and sumptuous fabrics, these iconic garments capture the epitome of summer sophistication.  Shop all our kaftans here.